June Hammond - Contemporary Art

Pen and Ink Drawings  
Welcome to my Pen and Ink Drawings Gallery.
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Sharply Focused

What Should I Think?

What Should I Do?

Inward Looking

Frightened Or What?


Having Hit a Raw Nerve

He's Lost His Mind!

It's Not What You Think

Ahead of Time

Lost in Time

What Shall I Say?

Coming In To Land!

Not Of This World

The Senses

Japanese Figure


Abstract Profile

A Close Encounter

Angrily Surprised

Dancing Eight

Lost in Space

Happy in Herself

A Rush of Blood

Escaping Thoughts


Inspired By Kandinsky

Two in Harmony Abstract 1

Two in Harmony Abstract 2

Two in Harmony Abstract 3

Two in Harmony Abstract 4

Serpent Head

Troubled MInd


Flowery Face

Is Anyone Listening?

Fight the Fat

Largely Confused

Triangular Juxtaposition

Wheel of Triangles

Triangular Structure