June Hammond - Contemporary Art

About my work

I am inspired and motivated by a desire to express opinions, thoughts and emotions, particularly when they are complex, confusing or difficult to understand. My ‘signature’ works are pen and ink drawings with intricate patterns of lines and shapes.  I believe that the simplicity and starkness of monochrome images has an inherent impact, but the restrained use of colour can also be effective.

I am fascinated by faces, especially eyes, and abstract facial features and creature-like forms have become a recurring theme in my drawings.  In some work I use them to depict the internal and external manifestation of an individual’s psychological state.  My intention is to challenge the viewer to think about what they are seeing, interpretation being possible on different levels, both humorous and serious.

I also combine drawing with painting and create mixed media work, by building up layers of materials, (subsequently painted), aiming to achieve a 3D effect.  Some of this work depicts abstract subjects, while other work is more representational.  I enjoy experimenting with print-making, particularly collagraphs.  

If you have any comments, would like more information about my work and/or would like to discuss possible commissions, please contact me via the Contact link.